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Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship

The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship was established to provide financial support to deserving students interested in a future in the oil and gas business. The scholarship program honors and promotes high-achieving students by providing them with a $ 15,000-degree scholarship to help them pursue a job in the industry. Degree programs like petroleum engineering give students a unique chance to advance their education and launch successful careers.

The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship requires applicants to provide their high school and current college GPAs on a 4.0 scale.

Candidates are also expected to submit a short (no more than 2,000 words) essay that explains why they want to work in the oil and gas business and how they plan to make a difference there. This essay needs to discuss their difficulties in the industry and provide ways forward.

About The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship

Oilman Magazine recently published an article highlighting Phoenix Capital Group, a top oil and gas industry financial services organization. The article describes Phoenix Capital Group’s new scholarship program that will help train the oil and gas industry’s future leaders.

Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship

Students interested in an oil and gas business career can get financial aid through the Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship for Oil and Gas Professionals. Undergraduate and graduate students studying petroleum engineering, geology, finance, accounting, or business at an approved institution are eligible for this prize.

As stated in the article, the Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship for Oil and Gas Professionals was established to help fill a void in the industry’s talent pool. More and more skilled young people are needed to fill the void left by retiring professionals. Phoenix Capital Group aims to increase the number of young people working in the business by providing financial aid to students studying related fields.

The scholarship program aims to increase the number of women and people of color working in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas business has a long history of being male-dominated. It lacks diversity, as the article points out. Phoenix Capital Group is working toward a more diverse and inclusive workforce by investing in students from underrepresented communities.

The scholarship program does more than provide students with money; it also gives them access to mentors. According to the report, oil and gas industry veterans will be available to mentor scholarship winners, providing them invaluable assistance as they launch their careers.


The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship for Oil and Gas Professionals is a promising endeavor with the ability to improve the oil and gas sector. Phoenix Capital Group is contributing to a more diverse and skilled future workforce by providing financial aid and guidance to students interested in jobs in the industry. Initiatives such as this will be crucial for the industry’s survival as it undergoes further change and faces additional hurdles in the future.

Requirements For The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship

The Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship is also open to high school seniors entering college in the fall. Suppose a student has yet to decide on a major. In that case, they can write “undeclared” but still indicate they want to study something related to the oil and gas business.

Application Deatails

On Friday, June 30, 2023, applications for the scholarship will no longer be accepted.

After the submission deadline, Phoenix Capital Group will award one student a scholarship of $15,000. The award recipient will be contacted by email and given one week to respond with acceptance. A new winner will be chosen if they respond outside that time range.


The application for the Phoenix Capital Group Scholarship can be found online. You will be considered once you complete the entire form and submit your essay by June 30.


Please be aware that scholarship awards can only be used to offset the direct cost of attending camp; they cannot be used to offset the costs of pre- or post-camp activities or for any other possible goods or services.

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