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Multiple Recruitment for Au Pairs in Canada

Multiple Recruitment for Au Pairs in Canada

Multiple Recruitment for Au Pairs in Canada – This position falls under that of a caregiver and is only available to women. This is due to the stereotype that women are better at managing and caring for their homes, making them the first group of individuals that come to mind when you hear the word caregivers, particularly the Au Pair.

Everywhere in the world, parents are more likely to trust female caregivers to take better care of their kids.

Therefore, Canada is the greatest destination for you as an au pair if you’re looking for a country to immigrate to. This is because there is less competition for this work, which means there are job prospects for you in this position.

Many Canadian families have opted to hire au pairs to take care of their children while they are away due to the rising cost of childcare in the country.


Some people might initially underestimate the job due to its nature, but the reality is that they make quite a bit of money in salaries—the typical au pair makes between $200 and $290 per week—and that working as an au pair might allow you to further your studies.

You can obtain permanent residency in Canada while working as an au pair or while studying there. Studying in Canada is another option to do so.

You can obtain permanent residency in Canada while working as an au pair or while studying there. Studying in Canada is another option to do so.

This article will outline a few methods that au pairs might apply to become permanent residents of Canada.


How to Apply for Permanent Residency as an Au Pair in Canada

1.   Get a job offer from a family in Canada

You must receive an employment offer from an employer in Canada, who will likely be a Canadian family, in order to immigrate to Canada as an au pair. Checking sites like GreatAuPair,, and are one way to do this.

You must provide references from prior employers and demonstrate your childcare experience.

2.   Submit applications for a work visa and permanent residence

You must obtain a work permit in order to be able to work and reside lawfully in Canada after receiving a job offer from an employer there.

If you are eligible to enter Canada, you will receive an open work permit, but it will only allow you to work in daycare.


The open work permit will let you work in Canada for a variety of employers, but unlike the standard open work permit, it will only enable you to work in childcare.

3.   Get at least two years work experience in Canada

Together with your request for a work permit, you can also apply for permanent residence in Canada. If you are eligible for a work permit and meet the requirements, you will be given one temporarily while your application for permanent residency is submitted.

The Immigration, Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) will make a final decision regarding your permanent status once you have two years of work experience as an au pair or caregiver in Canada.

Guidelines To Immigrate To Canada As An Au Pair

In Canada, there are roughly 100 different immigration programs that allow people to immigrate. In an effort to reach its goal of 1.3 million immigrants by 2022–2024, the Canadian government has set a target of admitting over 430,000 immigrants to the country this year, as it does every year.


You will move on with obtaining your work permit and submitting an application for permanent residency once you have received a job offer from a Canadian firm. You should be aware that there are various forms to fill out and that deadlines must be met.

You must take care to complete the forms accurately when carrying out all of these steps to avoid having to start your application from scratch.

You just need to discover the appropriate folks so you don’t end up in the hands of fraudsters; there are some Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants who can assist you with your application.

If you use the services of these RCICs, moving to Canada is relatively simple because they are knowledgeable about all aspects of Canadian immigration and can advise you on the best immigration route to take based on the program for which you are eligible.



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