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Forte Scholarship

Forte Scholarship – Apply Now!

Forté Fellowships are esteemed, competitive honors that are well-known both inside and outside the business school world. Forté Fellows demonstrate exceptional leadership, come from various backgrounds, and are dedicated to advancing women in business, all of which align with Forté’s objective. More than 16,000 Forté Fellows have received $400 million from our partner business schools.

To be eligible for a fellowship, you must apply for an MBA at one of the participating schools. Awards are given to full-time students by all institutions. A few schools provide executive and part-time awards. Please get in touch with an admissions representative if you’re interested in learning more about the Forté Fellowship program at one of our partner schools.

What exactly is a Forté Fellowship?

Forté Fellowships are esteemed, competitive honors that are well-known inside and outside the business school world. Forté Fellows show exceptional leadership, come from a variety of backgrounds, and show a dedication to empowering women in business.

As of fall 2021, the scholarships given out by Forté partner institutions since 2003 totaled over $312 million, up from fall 2020’s $277 million total.


Application Method

  • The Forte Fellowship can be completed without the completion of a separate application. All full-time MBA students who meet the requirements for the Fellowship will be immediately considered for the program.
  • However, in order to be considered for admission to their top choice university in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, applicants must provide the following paperwork.
  • letter of recommendations
  • grades on the transcripts
  • An objective statement
  • professional experience
  • newly revamped resume
  • standardized test results
  • Selection
  • It is up to each school to choose which Forté Fellows will represent it. The method is:
  • The student applies to the business school partner of Forte
  • The student is offered admission to the MBA program at a Forté partner institution.
  • The student is considered for all scholarships offered by that organization.
  • Partner institution chooses its Forte Fellows
  • Partner institution notifies Forté of decisions
  • It should be noted that applicants may be students of any nationality and gender.

Benefits Of The Forte Scholarship

What are the potential benefits of a Forté Fellowship? Along with the financial advantages, there are other advantages, such as quick access to the Forté network’s top companies and a Fellows network that goes beyond your business school.

Additional advantages of joining the Forté community include the following:

  • Taking part in Forté’s MBA program Financial Services and Women in Leadership Rapidly paced conferences
  • Connect with senior executives and MBA candidates from Forté partner institutions.
  • Hear panel discussions with business partners and former MBA students.
  • Participate in workshops that promote professional and personal growth
  • access to a Forté Fellows and Fellows alums online networking group
  • inclusion in the Forté Fellows resume book, which is given to Forté partner businesses each fall
  • invitations-only to leadership courses and job vacancies at Forté partner companies
  • Access to Forté’s Women for Life Access to our archive of on-demand recordings and our live webinar series on professional, leadership, and career development themes.
  • specific chances to engage with other Fellows and Forté representatives at your school, as well as mentoring
  • Opportunities for leadership growth resulting from your participation in designing your school’s Forté outreach program for undergraduate women
  • access to the Forté Fellows groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Expectations
  • Forté Fellows are expected to participate in pipeline activities and advance Forté’s objectives on campus. Examples of opportunities on campus are given below.

Improve Your School’s Forté Mission

  • Participation in and leadership in school organizations and groups that work to advance women in business, such as the Men as Allies and Women in Business clubs.
  • Be a representative of Forté on your campus by acting as a Forté MBA Ambassador.
  • Work with the admissions office to increase the number of female MBA applicants.
  • Activate Forté Programs
  • Participate in Forté’s undergraduate and MBA prep projects
  • Mentoring programs are one way to reach out to the female students on your campus.
  • Attend events focusing on undergraduate careers and run a Forté table on campus.
  • function as a Forté MBA Launch consultant or expert
  • Share information about the Forté MBA Forums with your network, attend local Forums to represent your institution, and volunteer with Forté to assist with on-site event logistics.
  • Be a good representative of your workplace during the summer internship.

School Standards

While Forté recommends that the following qualities be considered part of each school’s requirements, Forté partner institutions are responsible for choosing and granting Forté Fellowships.

  • Demonstrate excellent leadership in one or more of the areas above: leadership in the classroom, on a team, in the community, and in the arts
    represent a variety of educational and professional experiences, as well as ambitions in terms of one’s career, as well as one’s ethnicity, citizenship, and sexual orientation.
  • Candidate for an MBA at a partner institution of Forté (full-time, part-time, executive programs, dual degree, or online programs)
  • Show your dedication to Forté’s purpose of propelling women into successful careers by giving them access to business education, opportunities, and a supportive community.
    Individual schools may impose additional standards (such as adherence to the mission statement or core values).

Is the Forté Fellowship program available to me?

Any student from any background who wishes to participate must submit an application, be approved by, and enroll in a full-time, part-time, executive program, dual degree program, or online program at one of Forté’s partner business schools.

While the selection and awarding of Forté Fellowships is the responsibility of Forté partner institutions, Forté requests that many other additional qualifications be taken into account as part of each school’s requirements.


Candidates must demonstrate exceptional leadership in at least one of the following areas: academia, teams, communities, and creativity. Additionally, they must to reflect a range of professional and educational backgrounds, as well as ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions.

Individual schools may impose additional restrictions, such as conformity to the institution’s mission or basic principles.

What are some advantages of the Forté Fellowship?

  • Students get a lot from the program, whether it’s through the financial rewards or direct exposure to top companies in Forté’s network and other Fellows. Fellows benefit from being a part of the Forté Community as well.
  • Forté’s MBA Women’s Leadership and MBA Financial Services FAST Track Conferences are open to fellows. Additionally, they have access to a Forté Fellows and Fellows alumni online networking community. They are also featured in the Forté Fellows resume book, which is sent to Forté partner companies each fall.
  • Other benefits include unique invitations to job postings, exclusive access to the Forté corporate recruiter list, leadership seminars at Forté partner companies, and more.

How is the Forté Fellows selection process conducted, and what can you do to make yourself stand out?

The procedure is not too difficult. The student initially applies to study for an MBA at a business school that is a partner of Forté.

A student may be eligible for any scholarships offered by a Forté partner school once they have been offered admission to its MBA program. Following that, the partner school chooses its Forté Fellows and informs Forté of those choices. The school notifies chosen Forté Fellows of their award and sends them a greeting from Forté.


Being dedicated to Forté’s purpose of launching women into meaningful careers by providing access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women can help you stand out in the process.

It is advised that women get in touch with the partner school directly to express their interest in the Forté Fellowship Program.

Interested parties should ask the school if there are any extra supporting papers they need to submit in addition to Forté’s suggested credentials.


Mid-June is the deadline for submitting fully filled-out applications.


Interested parties should ask the school if there are any extra supporting papers they need to submit in addition to Forté’s suggested credentials.


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