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Best Scholarship Software

Education and scholarship organizations can expedite and automate the application process using software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Platforms for scholarship programs employ student data from student information systems to speed up the awarding of scholarships.

These financial assistance technologies streamline the process for applicants and reviewers through automation and customization. There is significantly less paperwork, allowing reviewers to concentrate more on the prospects and improving the whole experience.

Software for managing scholarships can help with many other facets of working students and education, including accounting, academic counseling, human resources, and financial assistance.

Scholarship Software

More institutions and charitable organizations are implementing scholarship management solutions to assist students in pursuing their academic and professional objectives. The best grant management programs and software are listed below.


Students have relatively few options due to the rising cost of schooling. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for bright students thanks to scholarships from the governmental and commercial sectors. Each year, the United States Department of Education alone grants scholarships totaling around $46 billion (Hanson, 2022). This means that educational institutions manage current scholars while processing thousands of applicants. The scholarship management system has consequently developed into a crucial tool for ensuring that each scholar receives benefits for their needs.

List Of Best Scholarship Software

1. SmarterSelect control panel

SmarterSelect is a management system for scholarship applications that simplifies the gathering and evaluation of scholarship applications for colleges and other organizations. It makes it simple for users to compile applications, arrange judges, and select prize recipients. A seamless application experience can be created in less than 24 hours using the Program Library’s templates and quick program builder. The platform makes the application process simple and controllable while saving applicants necessary time through advanced automation. In addition, since it quickens the review process for everyone involved, assessors can collaborate more successfully and effectively.

Key Elements

  • It has all the tools to track, arrange, and improve interactions with scholarship candidates and evaluators.
  • Institutions may quickly generate scholarships, grants, prizes, and other unique awards using a single platform.
  • Even the most complicated scholarships are simple to create thanks to the Program Library, which offers many templates in addition to the application program builder.
  • Small teams may do more in less time because of the collaboration and automation tools already built in.
  • Pricing
  • The solution supplier provides free scholarship management software with all the essential features for 10 users and 10 programs.
  • Depending on the services you need, SmartSelect offers high-tier solutions for larger institutions that cost between $1,000 and $5,000 annually.

2. A Flexible Submission Platform for Any Industry Dashboard for submissions

One of the top scholarship administration systems,, seeks to simplify compliance, data analytics, and applicant management. The platform is perfect for any institution that gathers feedback from many people, from government institutions to TV and film production companies.

Educational institutions can handle education programs from kindergarten to graduate level by utilizing their capabilities. Scholarship administration and monitoring are simplified because it is scalable to any scholarship program on a single shared platform.


Key Elements

The platform can accommodate any program, including student admissions, fellowships, scholarships, research programs, accreditations, grants, and student placements.
Autoscoring, auto-tagging, and multiphase submissions allow users to speed up the choosing process.
Administrators can access a clear view of their applications at all levels through role-based permissions, smart folders, and file exports.
For many kinds of enterprises, offers tailored solutions. On request, pricing information is provided.

3. SmartSimple Cloud

The entire award and scholarship procedure is streamlined, and collaboration is made simple with the help of SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management. Regardless of the complexity or size of the projects the company manages, this platform can fulfill your requirements for everything from applications and award matching to approvals and reporting.

It is built with highly adaptable modules that can be swiftly implemented to meet all the unique requirements and procedures connected with the award and financial aid programs. The SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management allows users to integrate, modify, or change as much or as little as they deem necessary to ensure it genuinely supports their procedures and workflows.

Key Elements

By utilizing different field kinds, filtering and search capabilities, and automatic communication, you may create and configure award and scholarship application forms.
Organize and centralize all applicant and recipient information for scholarships, from application date through status.


Create personalized application portals so candidates can send and follow up on their submissions.
Create awards and financial aid programs employing frameworks, regulations, criteria for eligibility, and more.
Keep track of money and other resources to ensure different initiatives are transparent, auditable, and accurate.

SmartSimple charges a one-time cost of $10,000 for its implementation services.
The platform has subscription fees that vary based on usage and system access. It offers a personalized plan that starts at $75 per month and a comprehensive package that costs $6,000 annually.

4. Submittable:

An online scholarship administration system called Submittable helps programs of all kinds develop talent, support reviewers, and streamline administrative procedures. Educational institutions can attract time-pressed applicants by offering a simple, modern scholarship application process and superior communication skills.

Additionally, it assists reviewers, saves time, and identifies the best applicants using a flexible technique for reviewing scholarship applications. By centralizing the scholarship administration platform and automating the award and reporting procedures, administrators may reduce their time on manual duties.


Key Elements

With drag-and-drop tools, create custom forms that accept over 50 file kinds, from PDF to video.
Intelligent web forms automatically reveal or conceal unique inquiries depending on how candidates respond. Utilize automated features to complete tasks like contacting applicants, allocating submissions to reviewers, and more.

Utilize a single platform to collect application fees, track prize money distribution, keep track of payment installments, and more.
Pricing Three different packages with different features are available from Submittable. On request, prices are provided.

5. OpenWater:

The comprehensive scholarship software from Openwater efficiently manages the entire multi-step, multi-review procedure, converting applicants to scholarship awardees. All duties—by applicants, judges, chairs, and administrators—are carried out in a single, integrated system with OpenWater Scholarships.

The service provider offers assistance in creating a custom-branded gateway that matches the company’s current website and visual identity. Its strong analytical capabilities aid in removing uncertainty and streamlining internal and external communication. Every action item has an accessible status, and notifications are sent out automatically.


Key Elements

publish easily recognizable websites and portals where applicants can upload documents and applications. Applicants can continue later on advanced application forms without losing their progress.
Create user groups for administrators, judges, reviewers, and more.
Numerous business applications, like Airtable, PayPal, HubSpot, and many others, can be linked with the platform.

For academic institutions, OpenWater offers a wide range of solutions, including platforms for virtual conferences and the management of scholarships. On request, pricing information is provided.


By gathering, managing, and assessing digital submissions in the cloud, Reviewer is a platform that enhances the digital experience. Educational institutions and other organizations can use submission management software to spend less time managing and more time making an impact. It provides specialized recipes created using feedback from thousands of customers and years of expertise.

Utilizing equipment designed for the task, these tried-and-true techniques make the most of grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid. The review combines a tried-and-true method for shortening procedures and increasing involvement with all the bells and whistles.


Key Elements

  • With only a few clicks and without the aid of IT personnel, create stunning marketing landing pages and microsites.
  • Its cutting-edge approach to collecting personalized data is built around interactive forms, user profiles, and tailored workflows.
  • For all provided data, Reviewer acts as a central hub and dashboard.
  • Review teams can efficiently allocate to groups of submissions with exact control over their security by utilizing unique processes.

Reviewer offers alternatives for programs like scholarships, grants, rewards, sweepstakes, and more. Please contact the Reviewer for special pricing.


The top scholarship management services help educational and scholarship organizations speed up and automate the scholarship application process. With it, there is a considerable decrease in paperwork, allowing evaluators to focus more on screening applicants. In the end, everyone affected has a better experience due to this. This guide will review the top scholarship application administration software available, as well as their primary features and costs, to assist you in determining which one best fits your organization.

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